The Woards

by daskka & Jana Oršolić

Made to order special edition serving boards. A collaboration between daskka and Jana Oršolić.

Anja has a thing for the letter E. Jelena loves how ash tree adds to this fake 3d drama.  And Jana… she’s basically your regular type nerd. The Woards is where Jelena’s and Anja’s daskka project met with Jana’s love for letters. The Woards is a special edition of daskka serving boards you can use as interior decoration, laptop stand or a proper chopping board. They make a neat wedding, bday or housewarming gift.

Get someone’s initials or combine the letters into words. Get them in small, tall or fat. Get them in latin or cyrillic. Oh, the possibilities.

All of The Woards are carefully made by hand, painted, finished with food grade coatings and conceived to quirk up your daily routines. Hand crafted to your order in Belgrade, Serbia. For order info, please download the catalogue below.

Each of The Woards is made to order. It takes around 15 days to make them.
The Woards are made of solid ash wood shaped to the form unique for each letter, then hand painted and finished with food grade coatings. There are 147 different options of The Woards to choose from. Check out or download the catalogue below and tell us which one you want, e.g. “FAT M”,  “TALL E” or “SMALL A”. We’re ready to take your order at

Price (excluding delivery):





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